Shade Tree Commission

2022 Meeting Dates

Wednesday January 19, 2022
Wednesday February 16, 2022
Wednesday March 16, 2022
Wednesday April 20, 2022
Wednesday May 18, 2022
Wednesday June 15, 2022
Wednesday July 20, 2022
Wednesday August 17, 2022
Wednesday September 21, 2022
Wednesday October 19, 2022
Wednesday November 16, 2022
Wednesday December 21, 2022


Teresa Caruthers
Richard Kwiatkowski
Chandra Mast

About the Commission

The Shade Tree Commission was created by Ephrata Borough Council Ordinance No. 734 on November 10, 1958 to perform all the duties and exercise all the powers conferred by law upon borough shade tree commissions.  A Shade Tree Ordinance was subsequently adopted by Ordinance No. 754 on January 11, 1960 giving the Shade Tree Commission custody and control over the maintenance and protection of shade trees within the right-of-way lines of public highways, streets and alleys within the Borough of Ephrata.

Our Mission: To enhance the environmental health and enrich the appearance of the Ephrata Community by the conservation and stewardship of shade trees along its streets and community open spaces.