Right To Know


To request records under the RTKL, you may file a request with the Agency's Open Records Officer:  

Stephanie Fasnacht
Borough of Ephrata
124 South State Street
Ephrata, PA 17522
Phone: 717.738.9232  Fax:717.738.9201
Email: RTK@ephrataboro.org

To challenge the Agency's response, you may file an appeal within 15 business days with:

Office of Open Records
333 Market Street, 16th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101-2234
Phone: 717.346.9903 Fax:717.425.5343
Email: openrecords@pa.gov
Website: https://openrecords.pa.gov

When a request is denied as seeking exempt criminal investigative records of a local agency, appeals may be filed within 15 business days of the agency's response with:

Lancaster County District Attorney's Office
50 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
Phone: 717.299.8100 Fax: 717.824.8520
Email: openrecords@co.lancaster.pa.us
Website: www.court.co.lancaster.pa.us

In compliance with Section 504 of the RTKL, the following documents have also been posted below:

Downloadable RTK Form (PDF)

RTK Online Form

*The above Right-To-Know information applies to the Borough of Ephrata, the Ephrata Borough Authority, and the Ephrata Area Joint Authority.