Street Maintenance, Signs & Markings

The Borough provides roadway maintenance for the 66 lane miles of streets and alleys in the Borough. Maintenance includes cut restoration, stabilization of sink holes, crack sealing, and pot hole repairs. While the Public Works Division is responsible for street maintenance, the Borough contracts out major street restoration projects. The Borough has developed a five-year capital plan to address street repair and restoration.
The public works' crews are also responsible for the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of street name signs, pavement and curb markings, and temporary signs. They also provide barricades for regulatory, warning, special events, and traffic guide purposes.

Five Year Capital Plan
Our five-year capital plan includes the following projects. This list is subject to change as conditions change.
 2015-2019 Street & Alley Program
Year Street Name
From To
Wenger Drive Church Avenue  Wenger Drive
West Pine Street   North State Street Church Avenue
Cedar Street Howard Avenue Conestoga Alley
Fairview Avenue North Academy Drive Borough Line
Parkview Heights Rd Pointview Avenue North Reading Road
2016 Penn Avenue First Street Cloister Alley  
Niss Avenue South Reading Road James Avenue
Bethany Road East Main Street Borough Line
Church Avenue Industrial Drive Borough Line
South Maple Street East Main Street East Fulton Street
East Franklin Street South Maple Street Lake Street
Butternut Street Lincoln Avenue North Maple Street
Irene Avenue North Maple Street North State Street
Pointview Avenue  Lemon Street Sycamore Road
Henn Avenue Niss Avenue Rothsville Road
Lemon Street South State Street Pointview Avenue
Orange Street South State Street Pointview Avenue
Spring Garden Street  Hill Street East Walnut Street
Vista Drive Boomerang Drive Boomerang Drive 
Vista Circle Boomerang Drive Cul-de-sac
Apple Street   West Main Street Borough Line
James Avenue Niss Avenue Rothsville Road
Marion Terrace Timothy Lane Terminus
Akron Road   Borough Line Pavers Lane
Steinmetz Road Parkview Heights Road South Reading Road
Old Mill Road Cocalico Creek Bridge South Reading Road