What Can I Recycle

Item Acceptable How to Prep Item Not Accepted
Batteries Household Batteries

Place in special battery bag, set beside recycle container.

Auto and utility vehicle batteries.
Corrugated Cardboard Includes packing and shipping boxes with fluted sheet. Also acceptable are CLEAN pizza boxes. Flatten boxes and remove packaging. Cereal & kleenex boxes.
Glass Clear, brown, and green bottles & jars. Rinse & remove lids. Place lids in your refuse. Dishes, drinking glasses or light bulbs.
Metal Food & beverage cans made from tin or aluminum. Rinse. Pots, pans & scrap metals.
Paper Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, food boxes (i.e. cereal boxes), paper towel rolls & paperboard packaging (i.e. tissue boxes). Flatten all boxboard & paperboard. You are encouraged to continue to use the magazine dumpster on Church Ave. Benefits the Ronald McDonald House. Plastic bags. Use the dumpster on Church Ave. for corrugated cardboard.
Plastics Plastic bottles and jars. Remove cap, rinse, and crush. Plastic bags.
Tires Automotive tires. Attach extra service tag and place at curb. Tractor tires/tire rims.
White Goods Large appliances, over 50lbs. (washer, dryer, freezer, hot water heater, etc.)

Attach extra service tag and place at curb.

Large machinery/recreational vehicles.
Yard Waste Grass clippings, garden residues and sod. Place in biodegradable paper bag provided by the Borough, attach sticker. Containers/plastic bags.

Click HERE for a video regarding contamination of yard waste.