The charge for sewage treatment for customers is based on water consumption in accordance with the following tables: 

Customer Class
Monthly Customer Charge 
First 5,000 gallons
Next 10,000 gallons 
Over 15,000 gallons 
Commercial$7.54 $0.00774 $0.00591 $0.00482
Industrial $18.11 $0.00774 $0.00591

 Rates effective for all billings after 4/1/2023 

For more information please see Business Office - Payment of Utilities.

Sewer Connection

Sewer connection fees are based on the amount of sewage flow. For current rates please call the Ephrata Borough Engineering Division at 717-738-9202.

  • Sewer Connection Fees
  • Facility Fees
  • Capacity Tapping Fees
  • Collection System Fees