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Stormwater Exemption Application

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  2. Stormwater Exception Application
  3. If your project is greater than 1,000 sq ft, please complete the Stormwater Small Project Application instead of this form.
  4. By entering your name and date above, you are signing this form and agreeing to all terms and conditions of this application.
  5. Proposed Activity
  6. After April 12, 2004 have you previously added impervious surface on this property?*
  7. Are you removing existing impervious surface as part of this project?*
  8. Are you adding impervious surface (1,000 square feet or less)?*
  9. If yes, type of new impervious surface*
  10. Earth DisturbanceActivity
  11. Type of regulated removal activity (check all that apply)
  12. Check all items below that will be impacted by the project
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