Electric utility bills are calculated based on the rate schedules listed below. Rates in effect beginning 4/1/2023.

Bill payments must be received in the Borough Office by 4:30 p.m. on the current charge due date. For more information please see utility billing information.


Residential Service

Type of ChargeRate
Customer Charge$14.00/month
Energy Charge $0.0900/kwh 
Distribution Charge  
        First 300 KWH$0.06561/kwh
        Next 700 KWH$0.05061/kwh
        All Additional KWH$0.04561/kwh

Commercial & Industrial

General Service

Type of ChargeRate
Customer Charge$25.00/month
Energy Charge$0.0880/kwh
Distribution Charge  
        First 1500 KWH$0.08651/kwh 
        All Additional KWH$0.06651/kwh

General Service - Total Electric

Type of ChargeRate
Customer Charge$52.50/month    
Energy Charge $0.0765/kwh
Distribution Charges  
        First 1,500 KWH $0.07901/kwh
        All Additional KWH $0.06901/kwh                  

Large Commercial & Industrial 

Large Commercial / Industrial General Service

Type of ChargeRate
Customer Charge$125.00/month             
Energy Charge $0.0810/kwh 
Distribution Charge  
        First 7500 KWH
        Next 17,500 KWH
        All Additional KWH
Demand Charge $4.00/kw 

Large General Service - Primary

Primary Service

Type of ChargeRate
Customer Charge$150.00/month 
Energy Charge $0.0770/kwh 
Distribution Charge  
        First 15,000 KWH $0.06141/kwh 
        Next 85,000 KWH $0.05841/kwh 
        Over 100,000 KWH $0.05241/kwh 
Demand Charge $2.75/kw                       

Additional Add-on Charges

Type of ChargeRate
Borderline Customer Charge$13.75/month                                                            
3-Phase Residential Customer Charge$15.75/month 
3-Phase General Service Customer Charge$12.50/month 
3-Phase General Service-Total Electric Customer Charge $22.00/month